domenica 22 dicembre 2013

Christmas Eve

William S. Burroughs names Father Murphy a Priest who finds a body cut inside a bag on a Christmas Eve.
Years  before, his only son was striving to have some words down for leaving at least a track of his brief existence. While reading his "Speed" I could not help but stop and write down with Trees name of my own this brief line of his.
"The two Pinasters [in the book the name of the Trees was different, I changed it for making it work with my photo] in the backyard took each other in their arms and, weeping, filled with spider webs".

 The two Maritime Pines were standing next to me while facing the North Sea between Latvia and Estonia, on my trip throughout Europe and bound to the Real North together with my dear friend Jarboe.

Now that I'm finally heading home, I like to think of all the Trees that have been protecting me all over the weeks and the year taking each other in their arms and getting ready for the Winter to come.

Anyhow, God speed You Billy Jr., I thought of you in that shore, and those two Trees will remember you, together with me myself.

martedì 12 novembre 2013

...The balance I've kept

 Compared to Joy Division's Passover I won't be talking about any crisis coming up to destroy any balance.
The balance I'm talking about is me referring to these trees standing still to keep the Waves behind them to crush down and wash everything away. And if those aren't Waves but the Sky, it doesn't matter. The highest in the Sky, the lowest down the Earth.

I do not mean I look at those Waves as a menace.
I just wanna feel their presence, and the importance of the Trees in the whole big picture. We are nothing here, stil theirs is a gentle reminder.

I say I always loved feeling oppressed by the high ceiling of the oldest church in my old town. It worked when I was a kid, it works now looking at these pictures. The old ceiling then is the Sky now, and I feel a bit dumb for discovering only know that Trees are not only columns, but, as I pointed out also in a previous post, they are the Temple Columns

The result of failing to see that, it would maybe point to the Trees Failure itself.Then there will be that crisis ready to destroy any balance left. Maybe that so called final Failure would restore a balance we never had any knowledge of. But, as I read recently somewhere, Father Murphy ain't no prophet, so I won't be starting myself here to foresee things.
God speed you, you and the Waves.

venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

where the Heat comes from

In London, on a Sunday, I found myself looking for shelter.
I remembered the Stoke Newington Cemetery was the place where with the FM gang decided to fly some helium filled balloons. Vinh Ngo asked us to free 9 booklets he made while touring Europe for "Anyway, your children will deny it". So we decided that it was the right place.

Anyhow,  I had some minutes before going back on the road for the next stop on the Holydrug Couple's tour (check'em out, as well for White Manna, last two bands I've been working with) and it was the 6th day of the month, actually my dad's birthday, and somehow I felt like I needed to give myself to the Sun.

Finding shelter most of the times in my world means finding where the Heat comes from.
You have to know that the Stoke Newington Cemetery houses some of the most beautiful trees I've seen in ages, old wood full of memories and hosting thousands of ghosts.

This post is actually only a description of me, laying my back on the wood of a tree, looking around me for finding those i knew where still there. And I will keep coming back for finding new ones as well. Arrows pointing the way. My Path has so many stops that when I feel it I simply need to find shelter among the Trees that I recognize.

The same Trees that on that Sunday embraced me in their heat and gave me shelter, for the nth time.

mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

Columns: threat of progressive failure

to E.
I never thought that human kind have been using Trees to define a place where to worship Gods. This happened way before they started making stone trees and calling them columns.
I believe the Bones in our bodies before being the columns of our standing still were Trees.
When I lay my back on a Tree I can feel my bones vibrating.
In all the Trees, in all the temples of the world's columns, in all our bones, there are threats of progressive failure.
I can't help but liking the idea of my body falling down once my trees/bones will fail.
On everyone's failure you can say there is equality.
The sound of all of us failing, an ode to Failure.
Will write more about this.
Again, I like promises.
I received this pic from my niece, while she was on her first trip on the real Mountains. In her mind Trees are columns for keeping the sky to fall over us, and I love to think the same way.

giovedì 18 luglio 2013

We build walls

We will build walls.  There We will find shelter.

We will stand straight next to the Trees. We will know when it will all end. We will know where We will stand.
And You will say: I go with you.

venerdì 5 luglio 2013

Hey JD, what if Trees aree older than Life?


Listened to a John Denver' song while crossing Spain. 
He was singing something like Life is older than Trees.
I do not recall all the lyrics.
Once back, I took these Three pictures thinking of a Rising Sun.
I'm finally back home for a while.
Learning some lessons about Failure.
Will write more about this.
Anyhow, in my Cosmogony Trees are older than Life.

domenica 19 maggio 2013

Death to everyone

Detail of the Trees facing the palace where Nuremberg Trials were hosted.
I rubbed and scratched my hands on their bark until I had myself bleeding.
A collective sense of Guilt may not be enough.
We Failed memory and History again.
History will repeat itself, unfortunally it's a thing we're good at. It may be the thing we do best.
There will never any peace for the ones who here represented a nation.
I'm just so happy Death will come for everyone.

mercoledì 15 maggio 2013

Monkey Puzzle Tree

We raced among the Trees, knowing We could even fall faster (me).

We looked away from the Trees.
We woke up into brilliant sunshine, in a street of temples (J.G.Ballard)

mercoledì 24 aprile 2013

Send me a Tree

And then C. Lee, while travelling back home, mentioned the idea of having in here guest appearance of pictures of Trees coming from other people, people I love, people who love Trees.
So I say I start again from her, from C.Lee and some pics she took while in London.
And then from Luca B., a dear dear friend who found himself looking at a Tree. And that moment became a routine, as W.S. Burroughs would call it. And so here it is. That is the last pic, and maybe there's some fire behind, but the Light is surely something.
You have a good one.
Spring is here again, tender age in Bloom.

martedì 9 aprile 2013


Rome, april 4th, 2013.
Thalassa Festival at Dal Verme was about to start, so C. Lee and I decided to go up the stairs and turn to the Sun before losing our loyal selves into the bands tunes.
We faced West. C.Lee was fast in taking this picture.
Right before the Sun, that is a Tree.
It's been something like the Sun giving a blessing through a Tree.
Somehow it looks like an Ascension.
Even if it's a sunset.

mercoledì 27 marzo 2013

Heretical view[s]

Barcelona, march 2013.


Before starting the tour C.Lee and I decided to go back to this amazing place.
Its heretical view made me think that even in here Trees are the pilots of the Temple.
And somehow, even if I don't know anything about the architect (mea culpa), it makes me today think that he couldn't picture something like this without being somehow influenced by Heresy.
Heresy throughout History meant lot of things.
I still think that this phrase from a beautiful This Heat song can shortly sum it up:
Never, never forget you have a choice.

9 Heretical views
And here other two

venerdì 1 marzo 2013

Where have You been?

 Where have you been f.?
This is what I asked myself when I've got to remember that the latest words to be written in here were posted early/mid january.
Where have I been?
 Have I collected significant amounts of Trees(pictures of), was I still travelling around?
Why bothering you and myself looking for answers that won't add anything to this world we know, when the lesson is always to look forward, once speed is on our side?
I've been looking for finding again Waves behind the Trees, with no luck. They will find You, I then repeated to myself, as always. But I needed something I could recognize as mine, as familiar, a safe starting point.
Mr.Ngo and Lady C. then, in completely different situations, but in the very same day, talked about Bones; I wrote notes about my (fragile) bones, our dear Carla Bozulich gave me some lines she wrote for a new Fr.Murphy track ("tickle your bones" she starts with); that song to be called "Bones got dry".
So I looked at the Trees that patiently always sorround me, and, again, I found my Truth.
You will call it a Tree.

sabato 12 gennaio 2013

Walking among the Trees, I Thought of the Temple Pilots

Among the thousand pics I took last year, I decided to start 2013 with Trees that C. Lee walked by and took picture of on a journey of her on a Northern Forest. I was way far from there. My bones were still trying to heal. She thought of Protection, she looked at the Trees.

2013 will see Fr. Murphy work on a new EP, "Now Pain's on our side". The Legend asks to find Failure on its path. And so we will... Enter, then, Failure!