venerdì 30 marzo 2012

The trees tell us stories from the past.

We stopped and stood in front of many trees in the past 4 weeks. So many trees, in so many different countries. Every day we play, we drive, we eat and we hear stories from the Trees.
I have plenty of new pics, plenty of words going around my head.
I'm happy today, I'm enjoying the Sun.
The Sun is telling our bodies to be strong and keep on our path.
Here you will find three pics, of different trees, with different stories.
The first two are from Terezin, also known as Theresienstadt, in Czech Republick.
There were a konzentration camp in this little town. We played one minute away, so we decided to go and pay our respect to the dead, and show our anger towards the ghosts of the perpetrators.
Trees told us stories, told us never to forget. If we will forget, it will be only for a choice of ours, so then we will pay the consequencies.
This few words won't teach anything to anyone. Few words to remember a day we spent hearing maybe some of the saddest stories from some peculiar Trees.
Last photo comes from Stoke Newington Cemetery, where we went to fly balloons with booklets of our beloved Ving Ngo. We freed the booklets in London's sky, and we did it again in Amsterdam, Holstebro DK and Prague.
Another way for telling stories.
It won't take me so long to come back here, I promise.
Let yourself willin to hear stories from everyone, especially from the Trees.

giovedì 1 marzo 2012

White snow, true Winter

After a while here I am, back to the trees' fort, or to the fort on the trees.
We've been travelling a lot in the recent three weeks, with our younger brothers Les Rhinoceros, and with our cicero Jakub from Seek Harbour Booking. We were East, tomorrow we start another tour and we will go West.
I thought of not writing post for the 4 months of touring we had ahead, for then coming back with tons of new trees photos and stories.
But it looks like i have already too memories from the first leg of the tour that I won't be able to take any new ones, so I decided with post something, every once in a while.
Three pics for the first three days of the tour.
Between Slovenia and Croatia. Trees are tall, they're able to keep apart all the grey. They're stunning. Even if I wasn't driving at all, I couldn't sleep in the van, I stared at the window and just tried to count'em all. Of course, I didn't make it.
They are so many of them, it is something that simply makes me joyfull.
They will win, they always will.
And I rememberd when I thought I was scared of Trees.
Now i can only think that posting these three new trees it is the best wishing luck for the new tour that is starting.
Take care, you too.