lunedì 8 novembre 2010

Poland trees

Last post of mine was september 3rd, so here i am, november 9th, with another, brief one.
In the last two months i've benn touring with Fr. Murphy in USA, Canada, Uk, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland, and i have brought home with me pictures of trees of all these countries.

I'm gonna post here more of them, but i wanna start from the end, with a polish pic i took in between Poznan and Cracow.

Trees were always there for us, to protect us.
And i'm thankfull.

Knowing they are always around is my way to feel safe, and somehow that i'm right.
I love thinking of people i love also as trees.
So in every picture i'm also paying my gratitude to the people i'm lucky to have around. Most of them are not from here, and i manage to see them even just once per year.
But, as trees, they never fail to protect me, or to show me their love.

Now it's time to sleep.
So you take care.


venerdì 3 settembre 2010

from brooklyn

while the trees back home are watching and always protecting us, here we met again with the Big City.
A picture of New York Falls, a dream or a possible future.

mercoledì 11 agosto 2010

nearly another month...'s been since i was here.
then we went both up the hill.
A promise is a promise, so somewhere here you'll find a tree picture.
Trees and hills will fit somehow on the lyrics of new songs to come.
The idea of pushing someone down the hill, before recognizing you know that someone.
So you start screaming: Believe! Believe in me!
As if you were given the gift of light speed, you'll be down the hill waiting the one you pushed just few seconds before.
And i will say: Come on, come on in!
I have no idea.
But it is written that you have to believe.
I have 333 pictures f trees now, from 9 different countries.
Soon there'll be more of them.

I always thought i would have ended up living on a house full of catsss.
I do think the same way, but i add also this.
It'll be surrounded by thousand trees, so i won't need even walls.
And trees will let come in just the ones i love.

Soon our friend Troy Mighty will sing a new cover we're working on, Sycamore Trees, the one sung by Little Jimmy Scott on a Twin Peaks episode, maybe the last one.
Troy knows how to grow a tree, we have a picture with him in front of a sunflower tree, or at least it looks like a tree to me.
And a tree will appear on the cover of a forthcoming release that Ol'fisherman Ngo will start working on in the future.
Maybe just a song and a tree.
so if you'll buy the record, you'll have to listen to it from the beginning to the end.

Ok, lot of purposes, i'm gonna stop writing. Now.

lunedì 19 luglio 2010

I'm certainly not maintaining any of my promises...

but it's really not a big deal.
I've been deep into lot of thoughts lately.
I feel blessed for so many reasons, for the news regarding Father Murphy and the touring with Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof, for having the 10'' released by Aagoo, for the ominous cover of it made of course by Ol' fisherman Ngo. For having again Boring Machines in Italy taking care of our backs.
And i just saw the simply great promo cd that Philipp at Double Triple did: just another amazing prouve that we are blessed.
So i come back here and i want to post another tree picture, but last night trees were falling down nearby our house, and we just closed all the windows and sit on the hallway, hoping not to be hurt by the broken glassed. Than we thought nothing had happened.
The morning light brought us consciousness that tree fell, and when trees start falling down, ok, it was for a whirlwind, i think you have just to find a place where to hide.
Today i look at the trees that made it out of that situation, and i trust they will stay there to protect all of us.
And i think [ after this phrases that i continue on write in english even if i'm so poor of words in this foreign language, that i certainly love] that all our songs, specially the new ones (so i advertise again about the new EP, no room for the weak, coming out for Aagoo Recs and Boring Machines in september and october...) are about this, asking protection, asking to have enough time to do this or that.
Two sentences i heard somewhere will end this post, giving a sense to what is above:

1) You can ask Him, or you can the Trees: they work the same way.
2) Catholic self hate (this is a simplistic way of putting it here...i'll come back to this i promise, but if you read a post of months ago, the new lyrics, you'll understand better..)

I'll have new trees pictures posted here soon.
I'll do my best to make it a promise.

venerdì 21 maggio 2010

some other trees, up up North

It could be one as three trees. Actually i don't remember.
But i know for sure that the picture were taken up north, in Glasgow.
That night we played at 13th Note, thenka to Phil's Wolf among wolves.

venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Three three trees.

Trees from Manchester, Uk.
Fake trees can be just as good.
Icons of trees can follow you even indoor.
A good thing to know.
Having them always around.
Protect me now you.

Three three trees.

Trees from Trencin, Slovakia.
Klub Luc, april 4th, 2010

Three three trees.

In all the last weeks i turned myself to trees.
Here trees from Wien.

martedì 23 marzo 2010


During Easter time we'll be on tour, around Europe.
9 different countries.
The cabbalah is again respected.
So here i will post again a tree.
I tried to do three different trees, but i didn't make it.
One is enough.


soon i promise i'll post the lyrics of the new EP, "No room for the weak", due to september 2010, via Aagoo Records (now also on Revoler/Midheaven mailorder!).
A 10'', recorded by Vicar vittorio Demarin at his Gomma Playground studio, mixed by Marco Fasolo at Ectoplasmic Studio, pumped up by Max Trisotto.
tree (three) new songs, plus a different version of Cohen's"There is a War".

I always end up with some promotion.
I won't be posting things here as if it were myspace or other s.n.

So, here the lyrics, if i forget to come back soon, at least i'd pay loyalty to my words.

May i posted some of them already?
ok, i'll go with two...(what about the Cabbalah freddie?)
Ok, the whole thing:

No none would ever have thought
i could cut myself as my own way
to kneel and to pray
me willing to kneel and to hail
My will is to struggle for gaining
the right to suffer in praying.

To pray.

Oh my poor blood
oh poor me
Never so pure.
It had to be done,
oh my poor blood
Never being so pure
Protect me now you!


You fake!
You faint!
You, me.

Every new sun fills my mouth
with words apparently supposed
to grant my purpose of achieving
floating distancies and dignity
Words such as:
Costantly I do believe in/One day when i'll be strong that way.
Growing wings where my weak parts are
knowing now i got it deeper

I press my forehead against the wall just to prove my right
I press my forehead until it breaks just to prove me right


Ok, for this one you can check on google...
But we ain't just three singing...Vinh Ngo, the fourth Murphy joined us.
He's the lead voice on this one, and it's amazing!
Look also forward to post here his first sketches for the new EP!

Ok, forgot that our lyrics are always so short...
Before posting this few far, in this 2010, i took round 333 pictures of trees...or were they 666?

mercoledì 10 febbraio 2010

i thought of this one day i was called "the quietus" by someone

..and He always tell us to turn to the Sun

Not just because i was born christian since i was a kid i could tell that the image of an angel or a devil whispering something to my ear would have followed me for years. Inspiration, showing the path to take, possession. A different Choice. Religion taught me to never forget we have a choice.
You can pray the Lord to accord you the strenght so to be his favourite preacher. Or you can use the subversive power of religious imaginary, you can actually use the Lord, to be seen as a preacher.
His preacher. A preacher of your own.
So the Angel came at night, he sat at my bed, he waited for me to cool down, and said:
Now you go and tell everyone He told you tu turn to the Sun.
That's how we ended up calling our last record "...and He told us to turn to the Sun".
Isn't it singing 3 or 10 times better than praying?


Someone believes that a rock band has first to be judge for their live performances.
I kind of agree.
That's maybe the reason because we say "wow, your performance rocks"...
But this could also be cause english ain't my native tongue.
Anyhow, the live performance of a band confirms anything you thought of their record, or it makes you say that on live shows they're much better and whorty than on the record, or the opposite.
To me a band has to record only magic records sustained by incredible live.
The records i love the most, after seeing the bands playing them live, became necessary. Urgent.
But the punkiest performance you can attend to it's not necessary the more sweaty.
Three or more people, still as if they were graves theirselves, watching at you and being silently furious.
Why am i saying this?
Because at the first place in a live show i believe there is the imaginary the band's able to have you lost into.
Something that grows with the music, that you build brick after brick, as another player.
The power of telling a story, to have something surrounding you. God, my english is not helping me, but i believe you got what i was trying to say.

I started believing this after what happened at our first live show as FM.
I was kind of nervous, and you could tell it.
The promoter asked me: What's wrong?
I didn't even asnwer.
He looked at me and said: Let me introduce you...
i couldn't even think to stop him, so he started saying:

Hey everybody, here i am to introduce the guest band we'll have playing here tonite.
But let me first tell you something...
There is this guy, a kid, who swears at his mother. She cries.
He feels guilty.
That sense of guilt that everyone should feel in every moment of the day, last thing to think of before getting asleep.
First to recognize once awake.
He feels guilty.
He goes to the church. He's looking for some comprehension, he finds a priest. Some of them are fond on pointing their skinny or fatty fingers on your wound.
He says he already knows.
The kid cannot even think that it so not true.
He feels even more guilty. He doesn't know he won't find any relief even when he'll be adult in noticing that anyone can't tell to have no bearing on that.
The priest calls his name, and then his mother name.
The kid tries not to cry. It is enough to feel guilty.
He won't look ashamed.
So the punishment gets worse.
You will have to go home where you sweared at ...and he says his mother name.
That's too much for the kid.
There you will cut your leg off, continues the priest.
The kid even do not hesitate in asking which leg has to fall off.
He runs. His heartbeat makes his guilt bigger and bigger.
Now he's sitting on a stumo, handling a heavy axe. The is no blood, one of his legs is on the floor.
HE's crying, crying tears instead of all the blood that should be gushing from the slash.
He still feels guilty.
There's no room for the guilt, he thinks.
Someone then calls his name.
His mother?
No, a Saint.
He just puts his leg back.
You're free now, the Saint says. I know you won't do it anymore.
Still, you'll be on the line with me when it'll be the time to tell Him why we are so guilty.

After few seconds of silence, he cried our name and started clapping...
None said anything until the end of the show.
They were completely into it. But none more than us.
He came back on stage and hugged each one of us.
The devil himself.


I do not remember if this parable comes from the catechism.
I certainly heard tons of perfect soundtracks for it while sitting on my cold seat in the house of God, during the masses.
How a Saint's able to find himself guilty?
How can he even think to tell a kid he will die guilty?
I have no idea, nor a clue.
But how many songs or concept records can you record out of it?
I would pay to have the inspiration to make up such a story...
I would feel honoured to be called upon for such a work.

domenica 31 gennaio 2010

Again, it's a very good day indeed

Here is february first, for this blog time still january 31st.
Doesn't matter.

here Luca Dipierro videoclip for "In their graves"

It's a very good day indeed

Yesterday, january 4th, today, february 1st.

Definetely time is faster than me.
It takes me always a while to get along with a new year...

Ease yourself in a body bag:
this could be the perfect title for some pictures we took recently so to "promote" the upcoming EP of ours. It's not really to promote, kinda more for giving suggestions, suggesting atmospheres.
It starts all from some old clips we watched once on a tv program, something like educational channel, they were talking about some clips projected during masses at beginning of the last century. Most of them are in french, and they have beautiful colors.
I don't know why, they reminded me "Heart shaped box" videoclip from In Utero.
I will post the first one here, in the next couple of months, i promise.
Talking about videoclips, our friend Luca Dipierro, did a video for our song "In their graves" going even downer (another Nirvana's song, eh eh!) on the downward path than the song itself.
Look here his latest clips:

i'm working hard nowadays to schedule a european tour to happen next april.
On april 5th will open for Little Claw in Berlin, at West Germany (thanks Twisted Robot!).
On sunday 11th we'll play Glasgow, thanks to our friends from Wolf among Wolves.
On saturday 17th sunday 18th we'll take part of next Sonic City Festival, Belgium, Deerhoof wanted us to play there, they'll curate the whole festival.
I won't be posting this news for a while elsewhere, so, even if i haven't told almost anyone yet about this blog, this is kind of a preview of what is next for Father Murphy.
As 2010 so far taught me, here another picture of a tree:

May God speed you all.

lunedì 4 gennaio 2010

two trees

i'm back sooner this time.
i don't know how i would proceed on this in the future, but whenever i'll have the chance, i'll post something.
so, here's again some trees, two trees, the trees every morning i ask: "Protect me now you".

i don't remember where i've got telling here what we've done so far about the new ep we're working on. we recorded some takes. it sounds ok, not great.
we're using a 4tracks cassette recorder, a black one.
The Ep has a name, maybe i already posted it, but just to be sure here it is...


three songs, and a cover (maybe, i change my mind every three minutes...).


we now pray with two hands, we now pray with true anger
until the path is no longer
you got worry

There is a war (Leonard Cohen's cover you can find here:

ok, i said too much.
until the next time, may the trees always be with you.