venerdì 2 dicembre 2016

They will take over

There are things I loath and I think of as Lies. 
When I was able to deal with them
 it was because my hatred for them 
was somehow underdeveloped.

Then there are things I love and feel for.
Trees are among these things.

And I believe one day they'll take over, and we won't be there no more.
And with us gone, even the things that I loath and I think of as lies will disappear.

When I look persistently at this picture I think of this: the Trees will stand, Trees will take over.

mercoledì 22 giugno 2016

Friday the 17th

Last night I woke up because in my sleep I could hear someone ranting nearby me.
After checking that my dear C. Lee and Sui the cat were alright, I went to the Marble hall and found a giant Human Goat standing in front of me.
Slowly he turned his lumpy head toward me, and he whispered: "You should teach me how to sell some Mercy. I do have plenty of it".
He looked around, as feeling trapped, and then he went on: "Tell them to stop to breed, they have to bring their children down to the River and force them to put their hands on the trees bark. They have to be part of their solitude".

After few hours, the first Sun saw me walking up to the Superga Hill, as I was looking for a clear vision. 
There I found two Trees acting as guardians that pointed toward the valley and told me that the city spreading in front of my eyes was welcoming our family to its realm.
What about the Goat? The city will show itself to me in different forms, and I will have to embrace them all.

Today the Light is really something.
I am learning new things, day by day.
Moving toward the West proved us right.
I haven't been this happy in a long period. May the trees all over the city, down to the River's park and then South toward the Sea be part of it.

*I started this post on Friday the 17th. Today is Summer Solstice, and there'll be Light till late.

mercoledì 27 gennaio 2016


When only few will still stand, they will be slave of the Trees.
This is what my friend Vabianna often dreams.
Or maybe there will be a time when Trees finally replace us on Earth.
This is more like a dream of mine.

 In a day like this we have to remember  the new meanings the human kind was able to give and is giving to the word "pain", how much we did push it and we are pushing it to its limits. Persecutors and persecuted, our world will get to an End.
And yet Trees will still be there.