mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012


Happy Halloween.

Under these trees I did find freddie healing.

The waves sound was astonishing. The waves actually dug their way into old sovietic bunkers. The bunkers are still slowly falling into the Sea. The trees are only guardians here, they won't take any side. They will be there when the las buker will sink in the Baltic Sea.
This happened in Latvia, where Father Murphy played at Zemlika Festival, in Durbe.

mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

A heavy rain and my collarbone decided to end the Summer today

Here I am, almost two months have passed, and you all know now that my promises of new pics and words were just lies.
I keep on failing the trees, failing you and myself when I say I'll be more often posting here.
Anyway, Father Murphy and I spent the early august touring North, Denmark and Germany, and then East, Poland and Czech.
Then freddie broke his collarbone, and Fr. Murphy had to cancel all the upcoming shows.
He fell of his bike, but Nico protected him from the Sky above or below, so freddie is still here with us.
But what about the pics so?
Today, september 12th, a heavy rain brought with itself a cold wind.
I decided this is the end of the Summer as we know it.
I took some pictures of the famous trees surrounding the Treehouse of ours.
Will maybe even these trees break one day?
freddie is recovering.
If the Trees one day should break, they'll recover too. Or they will show us where to head to.
In the meanwhile, at Father Murphy's we wanna get ready for some new recordings.
A two sides something, be it a 7'' or a 10''. That's the idea so far.
How will the Legend go on?
I finally can tell: we get to meet the concept and experience of Failure. We won't fail ouselves this time, we will try to get to know what Failure means.

And watch out for a new release due to november: our beloved friends at Aagoo will release a 12'' with intepretations of our latest album, "Anyway, your children will deny it". Soon all the names involved.
We only heard one from other dear friends, Black Dice, and we love it!

You know them, of course, but check their new album out and see if their tour is passing close to you. If so, you want to go see them live!