martedì 22 dicembre 2009

just images, as promised

this post comes after weeks...
i'm sorry, i'm not able, as i promised to myself, to post here often..
but here's a image, finally.
artwork is by morganico, drawn while we were playing at Resonance Fm, doing drones for a Den Browne's reading, together with Paul and Jonny Mugwump.
Happy and joyfull Christmas to all of you,
from our heart.

giovedì 12 novembre 2009

new and long long (gone) post

a new post, again without images.
next ones won't be containing any text, i promise!


We started from this sentence.
That's what we first heard, Chiara Lee and I, when someone came up with the
story of a Reverend Murphy. We were still in New York City, and it was quite
a long ago.
Rev. Murphy never was a Father.
That's how his Legend began.
We could've been the ones to keep it on. Go on, they said.
We decided we needed at first to be baptized, so we summoned Vittorio and
named him “Gvitron”, pretending this was the name of a biblical hero, and we
asked him to perform this duty.
The three of us have different opinion about it. Of being christians.
But, going to start a new thing, a Legend of our own, we just felt we were
right. And we talked about it in the heat.
You have to start from something, if your porpose is to leave a trace.
I still believe it.
The religious sense that pervades us all.
You're just afraid of dying, one day. And you feel the urge of tracking back
your path.
Or, maybe better, you have to feel that somehow someone is going to do it
for you.
To track down what you've done.


“Come all you warriors and renowned nobles
Give ear unto my warlike theme.
No time for other Legends, it's awareness we do aim at.
A common religious sense pervades Us all,
against the heresy, the heresy that grows.”
Play with lullabies.
Play with numbers.
Build a Kabbalah of your own.
“You have to keep on loving the three if you still want to understand the
twenty-seven.” is a phrase I use often.
As the Ol’ Fisherman says, when words are mostly sounds.
An unavailable memory, a youth, a salvation.
No truth in these words? No truth in these words?
He once told me: And as his voice fades from you, you slip down a
shallow swale under that oak tree with a heart-shaped scar. You’ll carry
them out to sea and let the waves take them away. They’ll take them away.
But how can you forget. The echo won’t die. Will you forget? A canyon of
saints. Let them divide.
It's all about choice.
The word “heresy” comes from ancient Greek, and it means choice.
All this is about choice.
Never, never forget you have a choice.
And so let the light come in.
And just at the end turn to the Sun.
Only when you will be down as low as you can go.
A hateful foul.
A long song. Maybe a concept.
Oh going down...(saying it while laughing)


It's all about choice, swinging in those dark streets I got deep once in a
A sermon, a parable, a proverb.
The pain deserved by the whole human kind.
Writing phrases and music about heresy, a concept record about heresy.
It makes me think of the day I will try to breed: fellowship, not family.
A legion, down down stairs.
Apples and pairs.
Silly sounds as lullabies. A continous prayer.
Its power sometimes comes not from what you say but on how you say it.
I'm here trying to go down, as low as i can go.
Just at the end I will turn to the Sun.
The Light of the Day of the Lord(s).
This is not a path toward darkness. Not even a downward spiral.
We see it just as movements. Going down as long as we can go. It means
Perhaps, heresy.
From there, the new point, you’ll be given the opportunity to turn to the
Still, He’s the one who will tell you to turn to the Sun.


We miss something.
What if heresy, this whole album we recorded as a concept, is telling us the
What about this whole Journey of ours, being baptized/ resisting Satan’s
temptations/ the book of Revelations/ now the heresy - what are they for?
I see them now simply as movements. With no special meanings.
We got down, as low as we could.
There, right there, He told us to turn to the Sun.

venerdì 6 novembre 2009

The Ol'Fisheman says

When you’re destined for dawn in your famous blue sweater, shine a light our way won’t you? You search for it between verses and ignore our hard histories. Are you that selfish? Can you be that vain, even without a name? You’ll take the fall you say, holding my hand. With arrows in the sky under autumn clouds the stake in one hand, and satchel full of hearts in the other. What shines down on a voice echoing through the pews makes men weep in some districts. An unavailable memory, a youth, a salvation. No truth in these words, no truth in these words. I don’t believe in myself, how can I believe what I say? A youth for the masses, he’s come for you. And as her voice fades from you, you slip down a shallow swale under that oak tree with a heart-shaped scar. You’ll carry them out to sea and let the waves take them away. They’ll take them away. But how can you forget. The echo won’t die. Will you forget? A canyon of saints. Let them divide. While UFOs have their ballet beyond the treetops a campfire grasps for oxygen…and lost embers rejoice like drunks into the night. Let’s drink our wine and think of him. We’ll drink our wine until the end. And so it goes.

venerdì 30 ottobre 2009

A new EP on our way...

On our way to Damasco we decided that'll be an EP the follow up of "...and He told us about the Sun".
If the last chapter was about heresy, the heresy that grows, the new one will be a step into mysticism...
Father Murphy, are you heretical?
Are you ready to go for it?
Where have you got, indeed?
Maybe Mysticism is, at least so far, the only answer.
So we start from that, trying to keep on telling a Legend.
There will be three new songs, plus, as ending, a cover of "There is a war" by Leonard Cohen. The whole record is meant to work starting from that cover. We slightly changed the lyrics (telling the truth, just the final sentence), we decided to work on Csharp.
It's funny, i'm keeping on mixing tech infos with things taken from a Legend i'm supposed to tell.
Someone time ago asked us where Father Murphy's aim to.
We're living a Legend that's not ours. We got is as mission, or maybe it just happened on our path.
The ol'fisherman and I are playing with titles, even if both of us know already that in a Legend the different chapters are already written.
I don't know if it makes sense, i'm loosing my point here...
Anyhow, i write a title, and few of the lyrics.
I'll come back after few days, and if the following will still fit with our work, so i'll be right.


None would ever have thought i could cut my flesh as my own way to kneel and to pray
Me willing to kneel and to hail.
My will is to struggle for gaining the right to suffer in praying.
A struggle to gain the right to pray.

This will be the first song.
Not sure i want to tell now the title of the Ep.
I'll come back later, i promise to myself.

martedì 29 settembre 2009



here's finally the flyer i waited to post for so long:

and we may be opening for Fiery Furnaces this coming friday, october 2nd, at Music Drome, in Milano. we played in Milano last time in a proper show around the beginning of february, 2008, then in a house, end of february again, 2009 this time.
So let's see what happens!

mercoledì 9 settembre 2009

Japan, we say we start with Japan! but it could also be UK...

This is a drawning made by Alec Dartley from Aagoo Records to promote his bands in UK.
We, Father Murphy, are among the lucky ones!
At the same time, Aagoo Records has a cool japanese distribution, trough P*DIS/Plop Records, and you can check it here:
Also the New York Times spent really good words about a clip made by our friend Luca Dipierro, with music by Murphies. The shortclip is to promote a new release by Eletctric Literature and you can find it here:
Dipierro is also working on a videoclip taken by Father Murphy's song "In their graves" from their last record.

In UK last Father Murphy's album, "...and He told us to turn to the Sun", will be distributed by Cargo, while Hermana will work as PR. And this, thanks to Aagoo and Marco Damiani/Silly Boy Ent.