Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Japan, we say we start with Japan! but it could also be UK...

This is a drawning made by Alec Dartley from Aagoo Records to promote his bands in UK.
We, Father Murphy, are among the lucky ones!
At the same time, Aagoo Records has a cool japanese distribution, trough P*DIS/Plop Records, and you can check it here:
Also the New York Times spent really good words about a clip made by our friend Luca Dipierro, with music by Murphies. The shortclip is to promote a new release by Eletctric Literature and you can find it here:
Dipierro is also working on a videoclip taken by Father Murphy's song "In their graves" from their last record.

In UK last Father Murphy's album, "...and He told us to turn to the Sun", will be distributed by Cargo, while Hermana will work as PR. And this, thanks to Aagoo and Marco Damiani/Silly Boy Ent.

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