domenica 31 gennaio 2010

Again, it's a very good day indeed

Here is february first, for this blog time still january 31st.
Doesn't matter.

here Luca Dipierro videoclip for "In their graves"

It's a very good day indeed

Yesterday, january 4th, today, february 1st.

Definetely time is faster than me.
It takes me always a while to get along with a new year...

Ease yourself in a body bag:
this could be the perfect title for some pictures we took recently so to "promote" the upcoming EP of ours. It's not really to promote, kinda more for giving suggestions, suggesting atmospheres.
It starts all from some old clips we watched once on a tv program, something like educational channel, they were talking about some clips projected during masses at beginning of the last century. Most of them are in french, and they have beautiful colors.
I don't know why, they reminded me "Heart shaped box" videoclip from In Utero.
I will post the first one here, in the next couple of months, i promise.
Talking about videoclips, our friend Luca Dipierro, did a video for our song "In their graves" going even downer (another Nirvana's song, eh eh!) on the downward path than the song itself.
Look here his latest clips:

i'm working hard nowadays to schedule a european tour to happen next april.
On april 5th will open for Little Claw in Berlin, at West Germany (thanks Twisted Robot!).
On sunday 11th we'll play Glasgow, thanks to our friends from Wolf among Wolves.
On saturday 17th sunday 18th we'll take part of next Sonic City Festival, Belgium, Deerhoof wanted us to play there, they'll curate the whole festival.
I won't be posting this news for a while elsewhere, so, even if i haven't told almost anyone yet about this blog, this is kind of a preview of what is next for Father Murphy.
As 2010 so far taught me, here another picture of a tree:

May God speed you all.

lunedì 4 gennaio 2010

two trees

i'm back sooner this time.
i don't know how i would proceed on this in the future, but whenever i'll have the chance, i'll post something.
so, here's again some trees, two trees, the trees every morning i ask: "Protect me now you".

i don't remember where i've got telling here what we've done so far about the new ep we're working on. we recorded some takes. it sounds ok, not great.
we're using a 4tracks cassette recorder, a black one.
The Ep has a name, maybe i already posted it, but just to be sure here it is...


three songs, and a cover (maybe, i change my mind every three minutes...).


we now pray with two hands, we now pray with true anger
until the path is no longer
you got worry

There is a war (Leonard Cohen's cover you can find here:

ok, i said too much.
until the next time, may the trees always be with you.