Monday, January 4, 2010

two trees

i'm back sooner this time.
i don't know how i would proceed on this in the future, but whenever i'll have the chance, i'll post something.
so, here's again some trees, two trees, the trees every morning i ask: "Protect me now you".

i don't remember where i've got telling here what we've done so far about the new ep we're working on. we recorded some takes. it sounds ok, not great.
we're using a 4tracks cassette recorder, a black one.
The Ep has a name, maybe i already posted it, but just to be sure here it is...


three songs, and a cover (maybe, i change my mind every three minutes...).


we now pray with two hands, we now pray with true anger
until the path is no longer
you got worry

There is a war (Leonard Cohen's cover you can find here:

ok, i said too much.
until the next time, may the trees always be with you.


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