Monday, November 8, 2010

Poland trees

Last post of mine was september 3rd, so here i am, november 9th, with another, brief one.
In the last two months i've benn touring with Fr. Murphy in USA, Canada, Uk, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland, and i have brought home with me pictures of trees of all these countries.

I'm gonna post here more of them, but i wanna start from the end, with a polish pic i took in between Poznan and Cracow.

Trees were always there for us, to protect us.
And i'm thankfull.

Knowing they are always around is my way to feel safe, and somehow that i'm right.
I love thinking of people i love also as trees.
So in every picture i'm also paying my gratitude to the people i'm lucky to have around. Most of them are not from here, and i manage to see them even just once per year.
But, as trees, they never fail to protect me, or to show me their love.

Now it's time to sleep.
So you take care.


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