Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm certainly not maintaining any of my promises...

but it's really not a big deal.
I've been deep into lot of thoughts lately.
I feel blessed for so many reasons, for the news regarding Father Murphy and the touring with Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof, for having the 10'' released by Aagoo, for the ominous cover of it made of course by Ol' fisherman Ngo. For having again Boring Machines in Italy taking care of our backs.
And i just saw the simply great promo cd that Philipp at Double Triple did: just another amazing prouve that we are blessed.
So i come back here and i want to post another tree picture, but last night trees were falling down nearby our house, and we just closed all the windows and sit on the hallway, hoping not to be hurt by the broken glassed. Than we thought nothing had happened.
The morning light brought us consciousness that tree fell, and when trees start falling down, ok, it was for a whirlwind, i think you have just to find a place where to hide.
Today i look at the trees that made it out of that situation, and i trust they will stay there to protect all of us.
And i think [ after this phrases that i continue on write in english even if i'm so poor of words in this foreign language, that i certainly love] that all our songs, specially the new ones (so i advertise again about the new EP, no room for the weak, coming out for Aagoo Recs and Boring Machines in september and october...) are about this, asking protection, asking to have enough time to do this or that.
Two sentences i heard somewhere will end this post, giving a sense to what is above:

1) You can ask Him, or you can the Trees: they work the same way.
2) Catholic self hate (this is a simplistic way of putting it here...i'll come back to this i promise, but if you read a post of months ago, the new lyrics, you'll understand better..)

I'll have new trees pictures posted here soon.
I'll do my best to make it a promise.

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