Wednesday, August 11, 2010

nearly another month...'s been since i was here.
then we went both up the hill.
A promise is a promise, so somewhere here you'll find a tree picture.
Trees and hills will fit somehow on the lyrics of new songs to come.
The idea of pushing someone down the hill, before recognizing you know that someone.
So you start screaming: Believe! Believe in me!
As if you were given the gift of light speed, you'll be down the hill waiting the one you pushed just few seconds before.
And i will say: Come on, come on in!
I have no idea.
But it is written that you have to believe.
I have 333 pictures f trees now, from 9 different countries.
Soon there'll be more of them.

I always thought i would have ended up living on a house full of catsss.
I do think the same way, but i add also this.
It'll be surrounded by thousand trees, so i won't need even walls.
And trees will let come in just the ones i love.

Soon our friend Troy Mighty will sing a new cover we're working on, Sycamore Trees, the one sung by Little Jimmy Scott on a Twin Peaks episode, maybe the last one.
Troy knows how to grow a tree, we have a picture with him in front of a sunflower tree, or at least it looks like a tree to me.
And a tree will appear on the cover of a forthcoming release that Ol'fisherman Ngo will start working on in the future.
Maybe just a song and a tree.
so if you'll buy the record, you'll have to listen to it from the beginning to the end.

Ok, lot of purposes, i'm gonna stop writing. Now.

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