Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Eve

William S. Burroughs names Father Murphy a Priest who finds a body cut inside a bag on a Christmas Eve.
Years  before, his only son was striving to have some words down for leaving at least a track of his brief existence. While reading his "Speed" I could not help but stop and write down with Trees name of my own this brief line of his.
"The two Pinasters [in the book the name of the Trees was different, I changed it for making it work with my photo] in the backyard took each other in their arms and, weeping, filled with spider webs".

 The two Maritime Pines were standing next to me while facing the North Sea between Latvia and Estonia, on my trip throughout Europe and bound to the Real North together with my dear friend Jarboe.

Now that I'm finally heading home, I like to think of all the Trees that have been protecting me all over the weeks and the year taking each other in their arms and getting ready for the Winter to come.

Anyhow, God speed You Billy Jr., I thought of you in that shore, and those two Trees will remember you, together with me myself.

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