Tuesday, November 12, 2013

...The balance I've kept

 Compared to Joy Division's Passover I won't be talking about any crisis coming up to destroy any balance.
The balance I'm talking about is me referring to these trees standing still to keep the Waves behind them to crush down and wash everything away. And if those aren't Waves but the Sky, it doesn't matter. The highest in the Sky, the lowest down the Earth.

I do not mean I look at those Waves as a menace.
I just wanna feel their presence, and the importance of the Trees in the whole big picture. We are nothing here, stil theirs is a gentle reminder.

I say I always loved feeling oppressed by the high ceiling of the oldest church in my old town. It worked when I was a kid, it works now looking at these pictures. The old ceiling then is the Sky now, and I feel a bit dumb for discovering only know that Trees are not only columns, but, as I pointed out also in a previous post, they are the Temple Columns

The result of failing to see that, it would maybe point to the Trees Failure itself.Then there will be that crisis ready to destroy any balance left. Maybe that so called final Failure would restore a balance we never had any knowledge of. But, as I read recently somewhere, Father Murphy ain't no prophet, so I won't be starting myself here to foresee things.
God speed you, you and the Waves.

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