Friday, October 11, 2013

where the Heat comes from

In London, on a Sunday, I found myself looking for shelter.
I remembered the Stoke Newington Cemetery was the place where with the FM gang decided to fly some helium filled balloons. Vinh Ngo asked us to free 9 booklets he made while touring Europe for "Anyway, your children will deny it". So we decided that it was the right place.

Anyhow,  I had some minutes before going back on the road for the next stop on the Holydrug Couple's tour (check'em out, as well for White Manna, last two bands I've been working with) and it was the 6th day of the month, actually my dad's birthday, and somehow I felt like I needed to give myself to the Sun.

Finding shelter most of the times in my world means finding where the Heat comes from.
You have to know that the Stoke Newington Cemetery houses some of the most beautiful trees I've seen in ages, old wood full of memories and hosting thousands of ghosts.

This post is actually only a description of me, laying my back on the wood of a tree, looking around me for finding those i knew where still there. And I will keep coming back for finding new ones as well. Arrows pointing the way. My Path has so many stops that when I feel it I simply need to find shelter among the Trees that I recognize.

The same Trees that on that Sunday embraced me in their heat and gave me shelter, for the nth time.

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