Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Columns: threat of progressive failure

to E.
I never thought that human kind have been using Trees to define a place where to worship Gods. This happened way before they started making stone trees and calling them columns.
I believe the Bones in our bodies before being the columns of our standing still were Trees.
When I lay my back on a Tree I can feel my bones vibrating.
In all the Trees, in all the temples of the world's columns, in all our bones, there are threats of progressive failure.
I can't help but liking the idea of my body falling down once my trees/bones will fail.
On everyone's failure you can say there is equality.
The sound of all of us failing, an ode to Failure.
Will write more about this.
Again, I like promises.
I received this pic from my niece, while she was on her first trip on the real Mountains. In her mind Trees are columns for keeping the sky to fall over us, and I love to think the same way.

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