Monday, January 27, 2014


Here I am with the first post of 2014.
And the new post comes with a photo by my dear C.Lee, taken while touring south of Italy last week (in Sermoneta, at San Nicola's Church).

Through one eye of this Church we can see you, standing there, You protecting us (you the Trees). 

And this post comes also on the exact release date for Father Murphy's new EP, Pain is on our side Now.
A concept EP on Failure.

Through the one eye of this Church we can see You (You the Shame), hiding behind the Trees. The same shame that the memory of this day brings along.
Pain is on our side now as the Pain of the ones persecuted, as the Pain that will always look for the persecutors. There will never be peace for them, there's no need, there's no willing to forgive.
Failure is there to give us another chance, to try doing things in a different way.
But it ain't Failure what did happen back then. There's no chance to start over.
There will only be Shame. And no Peace, because you cannot have any Peace when you have someone else's Pain looking after you.

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