Friday, March 1, 2013

Where have You been?

 Where have you been f.?
This is what I asked myself when I've got to remember that the latest words to be written in here were posted early/mid january.
Where have I been?
 Have I collected significant amounts of Trees(pictures of), was I still travelling around?
Why bothering you and myself looking for answers that won't add anything to this world we know, when the lesson is always to look forward, once speed is on our side?
I've been looking for finding again Waves behind the Trees, with no luck. They will find You, I then repeated to myself, as always. But I needed something I could recognize as mine, as familiar, a safe starting point.
Mr.Ngo and Lady C. then, in completely different situations, but in the very same day, talked about Bones; I wrote notes about my (fragile) bones, our dear Carla Bozulich gave me some lines she wrote for a new Fr.Murphy track ("tickle your bones" she starts with); that song to be called "Bones got dry".
So I looked at the Trees that patiently always sorround me, and, again, I found my Truth.
You will call it a Tree.

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