Saturday, May 31, 2014

All you people yelling fire!

Yesterday night I dreamt that C.Lee and I were going up North, toward the Big Hills that always served as protection for those places.
We were standing next to what I recall being a mix of temple columns and Sequoia trees when a stream of people came from down the hill, waving torches in their hands. They wanted to burn down the Trees as if it was part of a rite. We stood there not even being able to say a word, our bodies unable to make a move. The trees were silent, they were watching all those bodies getting around them.
Suddenly something hit us hard from behind, I believe it was a gigantic wave of water, coming from where, I have no idea. I recall seeing all those people being simply washed out, while somehow C.Lee and I were protected by the biggest of the wooden giants we had watching our backs.
We lift our heads and turned to that Tree as to show our gratitude, when I woke up.

Here are the last photos I took of trees before leaving Italy for the US tour.
As if they were waving goodbye, these Trees shape the end of their branches to something that remind me of a Cross.
A "God speed you" to us and to the rituals they know we were going to bring around North America.
And so yesterday, while driving through Northern California and Oregon we passed through the Redwoods, and I felt like We were there representing the same Trees that said goodbye when we left.
So C.Lee and I did stop the car, and went standing next to the biggest of the Trees, and we thanked him for protecting us and for not having us washed out by that  enormous wave of water that happened in my dream.

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