Monday, June 30, 2014

Now this is permanent

Sometimes it happens that I find myself staring at Trees, using their shadow to protect me from the Light.
So that I can try to reach their beauty as a whole.
And I can't help but feeling that they act as a filter, a barrier, protecting and yes, sometimes even limiting us from something else that is hidden behind.
I usually see gigantic Waves behind the Trees.
Here I picture a Wave of Light.
That day it was warm, Lady C. and I were driving up North through the Red Woods, where California and Oregon collides, following our dear friends White Manna (check'em out!) directions.
We were a bit sad, as it happens every time we leave the Ocean.
But we surely knew we were going back to them, to the Trees.
A tip: stop where you are, look around yourself, look for some trees, and then try to picture the Wave that i mentioned before. I believe they're there for each one of us. It doesn't mean they're always a threat, but I do like to feel the pressure for knowing they're there.

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