Saturday, April 12, 2014

So I missed March

 Lent is here again, tender age in bloom?

A quote to remind to myself  I missed all the special celebration for the 20 years since I went to see Nirvana I had in mind, for the 20 years since the guy decided to leave this world as we know it,  for going to work in a gas station in Maui, together with J. Morrison [I still have that hope often, after all these years], ...). 
Lady C. and I have spent the last weeks touring all over Europe.
We stop every once in a while, and we take pictures of Trees. When it is possible, we get closer to Trees, and we try to feel them, even if just by touching them.
Last time we had the chance to spend few days home, we brought our granny to see the place where she was born, and on our way we found a procession. It was a sunny day as you can see, and all that gold shone to the Sun.
The Circles surrounding the Cross are called in Italian "canti", that means something like choirs (?not sure about it...), for the sound they make while someone is carrying the Cross around.
So now, as I already told you, C.Lee and I are working on a new  album to be titled Croce (cross in Italian), right?
I took some pics then, and while looking through my camera, especially for the photos here, I couldn't stop thinking that we were witnessing Jesus turning into a Tree, him and the cross literally becoming Trees.
I decided it was a signal, I'm paranoid, so I always need to look for some kind of sure protection. Am I safe then? Is the "protect me now you" anyway always coming from my beloved Trees?
I looked at Jesus while he was turning into one, and I had my answer.


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