Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New post, new camera, but first...

All the pictures in this blog were taken with a Canon Camera (but the one from Lithuania by Figliotucano). Now, C. Lee gave me as birthday present a Nikon, so consider that all the next pics i'll be posting here will be taken with this new black camera.
But, there's always a but, this short short blog does contain three images i took with Vicar V. mobile phone. Trees here are from Musica nelle Valli Festival, in San Martino Spino.
One of the best festival in the whole Europe, where tons of great different bands played.
For more info go to
Anyhow, these are the trees who surround and protect the festival over the years.

From july 29th till september 17th Father Murphy will be around Italy and Europe (w/Sic Alps! and The Ex!), touring and touring again (thanks fitz at
You can find all the dates updated.
It means i'll have so many new pics of different trees, trees that will once again protect our way.
When i was a kid i thought trees were somehow evil, i think it's because of Twin Peaks series. I do understand now that even if Trees will always protect me, it doesn't mean that some sort of Evil won't be after me.

PS soon news about our first 7'' (together with amazing HowMuch wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood) and first LP live (Recorded by our friends at Brigadisco Records during our last visit at their amazing Studio).

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