Sunday, June 19, 2011

The first time i may be feeling embarrassed

First on the left is a photo i've got from my friend Figliotucano, while he was hiding in the Lithuanian woods. Then, following to the right, again a picture coming from the hidden place in my home town, that i decided not to name in this post. IT is beautiful and clean, but the there's a bigot evil running thorugh her streets, through her inhabitants veins, so i'm just trying to be not part of it.
Anyhow, the tree on the right, in that same picture, i think of it as a massive load of spores...

Continuing, on what i believe it'll be the picture on the right side (both meanings?) of what i'm writing, it is the London sky as seen through
some green leaves, in one of the only moment when it didn't rain... As usual, someone could say

And while this picture below introduces something new, being in fact a picture of trees as seen through a pagoda (again, the hidden place of few lines earlier has still lot to share with me)...

The last one does refer to another foreign country/city that starts with the letter L, being this time Leeds (after, i like to be precise and flowery/redundant, Lithuania and London).

It is been taken on a early morning, after a show we did in Leeds last week.

It seems to me now that this post is nothing but a
didactic one.
I cannot say if i wanted to write more than a short description of my first time 5 pictures in a only post.
Anyway, i will end it now, with a phrase i somehow keep on thinking of since i woke up this morning (but, damn, i cannot recall where i heard of or read not even sure my english will be that right...)
I was a looking at a tree, asking for protection, with a secret hope i could go home with that feeling of protection. While looking at it, i felt kind of embarrassed, so i suddenly crossed my legs.
I would have noticed that behaviour of mine other times while growing. That, for what i can recall, it's been the first time.

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