Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Even Treviso was able to show a hidden place




viso, never played there with Murphies, never been fond of my home town.
No none can be prophet in his own town someone says.
Anyway, Chiara Lee, Figliotucano and I were walking the other day, nearby the river, and we found an old mansion, close close close to the city center, with a mysterious park.
Someone says the owner was a mason, and that he built the whole place following some rituals and old schemes.
Anyway, after following a gate made of ivy, and after getting out by a small temple, with an altar in the center of it, we got to this place, this lake you can see here above.
The two pictures are taken one after the other, the second one with flash on.
The three of us thought of being on a Salgari book.
And, even if for few seconds, we were happy to be back in Treviso.

Next, i'll have some trees frorm Lithuania, thanks to Figliotucano.
Now i'm off to the Biennale of Venice, where we'll play tomorrow at Osloo Boat, made by danish artist FOS, as part of the Danish Pavillon.

Hide yourself in the woods

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