Thursday, August 18, 2011

A new beginning

After almost two weeks of touring Sardinia and south of Italy, i'm back now with some new pictures and the feeling that a new start is close.
I have this new camera, and i discovered that taking picture during night time makes the trees look like paintings. I don't know much about ight/exposure and so on, but i decided i will soon focus all my pictures of trees to this new stupid way of mine of making paintings. Even my words won't sound right to explain what i have on mind.
So, just facts: we just finished with Murphies recording demos for the new record titled "anyway, your children will deny it", soon we'll be back in a proper studio. And tomorrow we leave again, heading north, as most of the times in the past months. We'll be touring with Sic alps, that makes me happy. Our future is still a gigantic question mark, so i will wait to get back before getting anxious.
Anyway, the new start thing is here, so i will celebrate with some pics, here above, left and right, taken from that mysterious place i talked about a while ago...i got back there after 3 months, together with Figliotucano, C.Lee and our friend Be my delay.
Last picture is taken on Figliotucano's garden.
The new start is also about a new project we have with Figliotucano himself, called Ghostwood project, but i'll talk about it later on the fall.
Ah, almost forgot to say that the new releases are out: 7'' split with HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A WOODCHUCK CHUCK IF A WOODCHUCK COULD CHUCK WOOD, out for Aagoo, Avant!, Boring Machines, Brigadisco, La Délirante and Madcap Collective, and a marvellous 12'' live, recorded last march first at Brigadisco's Cave, down in Itri (100 km souther than Rome).
I will end this weird post with some words taken from somewhere i don't even remember, maybe not even the same it may happen it all will sound akward to you:

It is funny, it is rest. Both came quickly.
Consciusness and selfish, where influence is concerned.

One day we may meet all down the hill.

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