Monday, February 14, 2011

New Trees and Fr. Murphy

In front of my house recently they cut other 3 trees.
I wish one day i'll live surrounded by trees in a tower, with weapons to defend myself and the trees. I'm wrong, if i'll defend the trees, then they'll defend myself.
Anyway, a short post, to link to other websites, where there are more things about Fr. Murphy, and so trees.
That's to be
and then a link to a facebook profile, so the easieast way is just to look for "Fr. Murphy" on facebook.

Anyway, starting this thursday, i'll be going south, in Italy, for 3 weeks, taking new pictures of trees. For the first time, pictures from Sicily. Not the first time, from Sardinia.
So here you find a picture of a sardinian tree (not sure it is a tree, i tink of it as a tree...).

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