Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I won't be promising anything to anyone. i can't

I believe the title of this post can be a good start for a new year.
For this year it ain't no promises, dear freddie.
I will surely keep on saying to myself what to do, wich way i should go for, what to avoid, but with not fearing the regret a promise can give.
I will surely try to be more constant, in everything i'll be up to.
"In every forest look at your eyes" i woke up this morning with this phrase, telling the truth i had the first part, in every forest, then i remembered me thinking of how my eyes look tired lately...so here i am.
Again, trees.
They won't pass, not for me at least.
Soon i'll be able to have pictures of Scandinavian trees. And if God will, of Russian too.
And i hope to be back in US soon, as well to China.
See, no promises, just a list.
Easy and simple.
As my ol'fisherman Ngo would say, until the path is no longer.

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