Friday, November 14, 2014

[We will all] Fall

My dear C.Lee and I
 just got back home after spending the last 6 months in Northern America. I took plenty of pictures of majestic Trees on our journey that it shouldn't be a problem for me picking up the right one(s) for this post.
Anyhow, I decided instead to go for two pictures I took this morning of the Trees surrounding our Treehouse, the same old Trees that watched over us in all these months, standing here waiting for us to make it back.
Somehow I thought of a Giuseppe Ungaretti poem, maybe my favourite one when I was doing the 8th or 9th grade.
Si sta, come d'autunno, sugli alberi, le foglie.
, like leaves on the trees, in Fall)

But I didn't have a feeling of uncertainty, not at all. It was more something like a warm feeling of consciousness, as if I was feeling glad I could understand and explore more Ourselves through our journey, through our Path.
Thanks old friends, we made it back another time, and here you are, still looking after us.

PS: Giuseppe Ungaretti is often depicted as an old grumpy man, rooted on the "Old times" way of thinking, sometimes even as a fascist symphatizer.
When I was 17 I learned that Allen Ginsberg and the whole Beat Generation were big fans of his work, and Ginsberg was even able to meet the man once, in New York, during a charity sale for supporting young poets in needs. When asked to donate something, Giuseppe Ungaretti (I picture him with a smile on his face) with a hint of irony decided to give his younger colleague one of his white pubic hair.  

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