Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Beech and some Chestnut Trees We did find

A Beech and some Chestnut Trees We did find while walking up North West of Italy, in that area really close to the French and Swiss borders. Lady C and I were walking when her Father and Mother showed us a big Beech standing on the top of the hill, while we were guarded by several Chestnut trees. Some of the trees looked like burnt, fire maybe? We've been then told that it could even be cancer.
I've got confused for getting to know that even Trees can die because of Cancer.
I thought we human beings were their cancer.
Anyway I learned that the beechwood is the one who produces more heat while burning, while with chestnut wood it really depends on the wood age, depending on that the bark can be way different.
Somehow, i started thinking of Mistletoe, which has its own way of being parasitic. Druids seemed to find it very usefull.
I believe we are the real parasite here. But you may call it a suitable exchange.

 This reminds me of Killer Bob, and of Twin Peaks. Back on those years when I first saw the series, i became obsessed by Trees, but in a different way than now. They did scare me.
And when the wind did blow, they were even scarier. Something was going on.
Or I was missing something, something i couldn't understand.
Same thing for the Waves.
I think i'm starting getting psyched by Waves.
They do clean everything, don't they?
Here below the fog seen from a distance, it seems like a sea, with gigantic Waves going to hit the forest/coast.
For a while i felt happy for being watching Them taking over.

Ok, this will be the last post for this year. 13 total if i'm not wrong.
2012 have 13 posts, in order to hail to 2013.
You take care.

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