Saturday, November 5, 2011

By the morning's end the air was a bit warmer

First three pics are of that tree i mentioned before.
It's the one we will work on with Ba Abat for the promotional photos of FM new album "Anyway your children will deny it" (the new record is almost almost ready. I will be giving more infos here soon. Greg Saunier just sent us his final mixing and we are simply honoured and grateful he decided to deal with our sounds).
I thought of posting here some pictures of this marvellous tree, tall like 6 human beings, before having you seeing what it'll become.

I have no idea why everything I'm writing here it keeps of being underlined...

Anyhow, here below, the newest pic of the trees surrounding our Treehouse, the ones from where the protection starts, for then going all over the world, following us, until we will follow the trees.
And until we follow the numbers, that kabbalah of our own, that together of that Legend of Ours, fulfills some moments of our lives.
But you have always to remember where it all started. That's the reason I'm also posting the photo here below.
And I will soon be posting images where you cannot tell in which moment of the day or night they've been shot, or at least I can't. Actually, this one could be one of those...
Is it out of focus?
Focus most of the times is not my main concern, it's more about the idea of keeping the memory of something, in that precious istant.
By the morning's end the air will be a bit warmer.

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