Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anyway, your children will deny it

No trees from Scandinavia nor Europe this time; no trees from somewhere we've been touring recently.
The green here comes from our ol'Fisherman NGO, that joins me with this picture to spend just few words about the new record.
He's already working on the visions for the new cover: it'll be the Temple this time, the Wall of the Temple.
The other three Murphys are now done with all the recordings. After working on Vicar's Gomma Playground, the last voices and instruments to be recorded have been put on 2'' tape by Emanuele Baratto (check the band he plays with, the uncanny Moviestar Junkies!) in his Inside Outside Studio.
The tracks are in this exact moment going from one side of the Pond to the other.
In fact, it'll be Greg Saunier from Deerhoof that will mix our new record, "Anyway, your children will deny it" (and this happens thanks to Greg, of course, and for the advice i've got from Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart).
And we feel honoured and so so glad.
8 new songs.
After the mysticism of "No room for the weak", not it's time for a personal hermitage, before a new and final ouverture.
I've been saying for years that i would have tried one day to hide myself in the woods.
In the next three months, before the new album will be released (Aagoo? Aagoo!!!), the three of us will hide from each other, we will hide from the Other.
I just can tell about me, in the woods!, and for C.Lee, China (i know it because Lee told me that China is so big i would never be able to find her...).
And Vicar is already on the hiding...

I stop here, with a sentence i woke up with this morning (as usual i don't know if it's correct or if i'm stealing someone else words...):
Love to everyone, it's gonna come!

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