Monday, May 9, 2011

Next i'll be posting russian trees...

Next friday and saturday may 13th and 14th Fr. Murphy is been invited to play at SKIF Festival, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
On the bill bands as SWANS, THE EX, GONJA SUFI, JAMES BLACKSHAW and much much more.
So i'll be posting soon mi first pictures of russian trees.

Anyway, here is another picture take few weeks ago.
I was up north, going to Stockolm from Goteborg.
The day, in the middle of Sweden, wasn't that bad, even if we were almost expecting some snow on the way.

Then in Stockolm we found the Sun.
Other pictures, another story.
Even if i see that i'm never telling stories, just posting pictures.
I believe stories are somehow my business, and few people will give much more than a damn about it. While trees i hope will be find more fans.
I'm sure.
Protect yourself with trees.

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